A successful school requires parent involvement. One of the most important ways the CCES PTO gets involved is by organizing and managing a series of after school activities that enrich the educational environment for our children.  CCES Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is structured with offices and committees governed by PTO By laws. Each office committee is designed with specific task in mind, benefiting  our school and children. Officer and committee chairs are responsible for organizing and implementing each of these tasks..However they can’t do it by their own. They need YOUR HELP.

As you click through the link of each committee, please consider where you can help. Your child will benefit when these activities and programs are supported with enthusiastic parent volunteers like YOU. Do not hesitate to give us a call or email us with any question that you may have. We would love to have you endeavor together with us for the best of our children and our school.

You can take a look at each program sponsored by PTO here

To reach the person of contact for individual committee, please refer this link.

Please look for the sign up sheet in your email newsletter.

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Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader  committee provides the reading incentive keeping in sync with school wide AR programs for children in grades 2nd – 6th grade.Each child is given an assessment at the beginning of the year, and each 9 weeks, they have a reading level, and goal they have to meet under AR program.The children(2nd – 6th grader) earn points for each AR test that they take and pass.

AR committee provides incentives to the students to meet their goal.The AR committee is in charge of the AR store that is held at the end of every quarter. Duties include

  • Purchasing the items that are “sold” at the store.
  • Setting up the store the day before
  • Running the store the day of-helping kids make purchases
  • Taking inventory and putting items away.

AR Contact 

Box Tops

Box tops are great way to earn some cash for our school.Box tops coordinator plays significant role in making this happen.

Box Tops Coordinator

This is a fun position that you can do mostly from the comfort of your home.  You can do by yourself or form a committee for some additional input and assistance.  PTO provides a budget for this and you will be reimbursed for approved incentives, mailings, etc.

Design collection sheets monthly and send to printers, distribute to teachers mailboxes.

Coordinate with principal for announcements (KCUB),  acceptable incentives ( gift cards, extra recess, etc) and recognition for students, classes (post winners names on a bulletin board monthly).

Send routine announcements for weekly email blasts to promote awareness and increase participation in the program. Include names of monthly winners, prizes, goals and totals earned.

Collect sheets both for Campbell’s Labels for Education and Box Tops from bins, ensure none have expired, sort and count them, for contests ensure each student’s submissions are accounted for and credited to their name and their class totals as well.

Although checks from Box Tops are only received twice a school year it is recommended to submit the Box Tops monthly to avoid them expiring.

Blessing in a Backpack
  • Blessings in a backpack provides food for elementary school children who may otherwise have little or no food to eat on the weekends during the school year.
  • It runs through the last week of the school year.
  • We need volunteers to help package, organize, and deliver items every Thursday.
  • The packing of goods takes place every Thursday morning at 10:30 A.M at the old Rainbow Senior Center (now named Kronkosky Place) at 17 Old San Antonio Rd in Boerne.
Packing and organizing the goods by teacher and grade level will take about an hour of time.  The person assigned for the task is responsible for delivering the items to the school around 11:45 or so.
Birthday Marquee

Marquee Birthday Announcement forms are distributed to parents in PTO packets at the beginning of the school year. Parents may also get the form from the PTO website. As parents complete and return the form with payment, the Birthday Marquee Chair will gather and organize the forms chronologically.

Weekly emails are sent to the school office listing the names and dates of students wishing to have their birthdate listed on the marquee for that specific week.


Cub Crawl
Cub Crawl committee plans and operates PTO’s biggest fundraiser of the year. Fund is used to develop programs and assist with student and teacher needs throughout the year.
Committee plans fun run, silent auction, class basket & pottery, games, volunteers, food, entertainment, kids’ prize drawing, sponsors, etc. to name a few. It is a fun, and definitely worthwhile, venture. 
  • Letters are send out  in July to past/possible sponsors, then follow up in September.  When attained, logos are send to the printer for the banner.  It  is all done in Sep/Oct.
  • Need help with follow up from mailings, looking for sponsors, etc.
  • This is a one-two person thing, done from home.  You need to be organized, and good at communicating with others, because a lot of it is talking to people.


Volunteers are integral part to make the country fair fun and successful fundraising event.Volunteering can be very time-consuming to not-so-much, depending on how much you want to be involved.  A great deal of volunteers are assigned to help with the Fair before the end of the school year because committee work hard all summer to start getting sponsors and silent auction donations, getting the entertainment scheduled, etc. A major portion of the work is done through the summer and at the beginning of the school year.Volunteers  are needed leading up to the Fair and the day of the Fair to make it run smoothly .


Staff Appreciation
  • The Staff Appreciation Committee provides lunch to teachers and staff for their birthdays. Birthdays are usually celebrated once a month. Lunches are paid for by the PTO, but volunteers are asked to bring in homemade desserts. Desserts can be dropped off at the front office.
  • Staff Appreciation Committee is also in charge of ordering the Thanksgiving pies that are given to each teacher, staff member and bus driver. Money collection to pay for the pies is usually done through the room parents. The Staff Appreciation Chair will organize the ordering and delivering of the pies.
  • Staff Appreciation Committee also provides Teacher Appreciation gifts to teachers and staff members in May. This is usually done by the Staff Appreciation Chair.


Science Fair
Science Fair committee organizes the Family Science Fair to inspire the love of science.All students are encouraged to participate individually, in groups or with family members.
It is held,one evening, in the month of February.  
Volunteers are needed as questioners to ask participants about their project, need help with setting up the fair and cleaning up. Time commitment from 5:45 pm-7:30 the night of the Fair.
Spirit Sticks

PTO added a new committee this year.Essentially each student at our school will be given a spirit ring with a key fob on it with our school colors and logo. They will also be given their first spirit stick with the school year on it. After that, they can EARN more sticks for perfect attendance, A or A/B honor roll, birthdays, AR etc. The students will also be able to buy some to cater to their interests as well, i.e. Texas A&M, UT, music, sports, holiday related, etc.For more information refer www.spiritmonkey.com

Duties include:

  • Ordering fobs and organize
  • help sell the spiritsticks once a month in the cafeteria at lunch



Spirit Wear

Spirit Wear committee

  • Designs/chooses the design for spirit t shirts; Chooses the t-shirt supplier, price quotes;
  • Collect all printed forms for spirit tee orders; take and process then submit order totals to t shirt supplier; organize then distribute tees to students in each class.
  • Active Timeline :  April (design tees), May (approval from principal), June (submit to t shirt company to get quotes), Aug (start taking orders, attend Meet the teacher), Sept (take orders and then submit orders). Sept/early Oct (distribute tees).
  • Most time consuming part is in between taking orders and then distributing.
Welcome Wagon
Welcome wagon committee  answer all the  questions to parents about the school, community or PTO and points them in the right direction . Committee is also responsible for printing,laminating,delivering the car signs for new families or families who need a new one.
Busiest time for this committee is the first few week of each school year.
Work Room

Work room committee is responsible for facilitating the work room volunteers for each class.

  • This is a weekly commitment for the entire 2014-2015 school year.  Volunteer  help each week to complete the teacher’s copies, lamination, bulletin boards, and/or other projects as needed.Two Workroom Parent Volunteers are needed per teacher.
  • Two Volunteers are recommended.  This way the two volunteers can coordinate schedules, rotate weeks, and be back-up for each other in the event that one cannot make it that week.
  • The time commitment is dependent on how much work  teacher has to complete in a given week.  The lower grades have the most work where as the upper grades the work load seems to taper off. 


  • Yearbook committee is responsible for creating CCES yearbook
  • Sales begin when school starts.  Books are delivered to the school in late May. 
  • This committee is always looking for photos.
  • Committee does not need “volunteers” just people to share their photos with us!